Company History:


Born in June 2012 in London, England (UK). JollyFiesta Limited as wholesaler providing small party items party stores and gift.


In October 2013, it opened an office in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) under the name JollyFiesta LLC and begins to operate as a wholesale business providing small party goods stores and gift holidays in the United States.


In 2015 the acquisition of FestyPiñata is signed, a shop located in the Eixample district of Barcelona with extensive experience in the sector and an "e-commerce" very powerful in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal among others, which happens to be controlled JollyFiesta Limited. At that time it is when the process starts franchise company, with the same managerial staff who conducts the process taking into account the experience gained over the years in the party goods industry in Spain.




Our motto is "My Party's Joy" and our goal is to help our clients to make your party a real FUN. We like to work for the happiness of people, so we offer a close, happy and personal attention.





We have all kinds of products for our customers CELEBRATION are planning: pinatas, balloons, candles, invitations, articulated figures, partyfavors, streamers, candy bags, articles or themed feasts: Birthdays, anniversaries, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.


We have professional and specialized service to deliver the products our customers want, good quality at a great price.